Degenerate Art Ensemble Retrospective

2011 – A smattering from our Degenerate Art Ensemble Retrospective at the Frye Museum.

DAE- Entrancers1



Robb Kunz programming the Entrancers exhibit. These perpetually teetering sculptures sprayed field recordings from a Czech forest around the gallery.

Degenerate Art Ensemble Red Shoes Project



Rotating Sound Tubes for Red Shoes performance in Frye reflection pool. Six of these reacted with the architecture to bounce out to the audience.

 Stereo redux excerpt of Tuning Nest composition.

DAE-Tuning Nests



Tuning Nest exhibit was an 8 channel sound sculpture collaboration between Nik Weisand and I.

DAE-tuning nest brain




Tuning Nest Brain – Handmade automation circuits and matrix to control 8 channel sync.