Under Pier Pressure

Under Pier Pressure Index:
Speakers/channels lashed under Jack Block Pier – 8
Length (in feet) of cabling stapled underneath – 350
Non-consecutive days it took to install at optimal tidal conditions – 5
Number of different small vessels utilized – 4
Favorite tools lost to the sea – 3
Law enforcement agencies called out due to false report, interrupting install – 3
Headcount of officers involved – 10
Instances I cried while tangled up in wire and crusted with creosote in a kayak at high tide – 1
Days left in Duwamish Revealed program for you to enjoy the work – 93
Odds I give it will survive the elements and acts of vandalism – 50/50 (ha ha)

Go check it out! Here’s how to get there: MAP to Jack Block Park
Follow path to public pier. At end of boardwalk opening to the pier,
you’ll see a sign/push button on your right.

Under Pier Pressure – Duwamish Revealed from Robb Kunz on Vimeo.