Meet the Artist – Robb Kunz presents Lonely Coast vs. Prison Halls

Meet the Artist – Robb Kunz May 1st – 8pm

Inscape – 815 Seattle Blvd S. Free!


Concluding his 2014 Artist Trust Fellowship, Robb Kunz presents…

The Lonely Coast vs. INS Prison Halls – A Study in Electro-Acoustic Spatial Relay Broadcasting


Step onto the old INS prison yard. You’re about to be treated to a free concert. One floor above,two young women visible through a lit window perform classic songs about incarceration and persecution. Their voices and instruments are picked up by microphones, reamplified into the massive hallway and picked up via more microphones at varying intervals, which in turn get relayed to speakers surrounding the prison yard below. The sound of their music travels around warming you hauntingly. Concert begins promptly at 8:30 after a brief talk.

Refreshments provided.