I am a sound artist, musician and engineer. Growing up in Oklahoma during the Cold War, I was surrounded by powerful tornado and air raid sirens that sounded on a weekly basis or if twisters touched down nearby. The end of the world as I knew it was directly coupled with that pulsating howling sound that seemed to ebb in and out of reality. This has been my primary influence in my art, the transformative and intangible effect of sound.

My primary work consists of numerous handmade electronics and kinetic elements made from repurposed materials. When activated, they broadcast small bits of a larger composition, often shifting direction, acoustically activating a space to seem suddenly alive, as if another geography, dimension or history is leaking through.

Upon moving to Seattle, following the 1999 WTO protests, I became a central member of the infamous street performance unit Infernal Noise Brigade. In the context of that group’s radical activism and the post 9-11 atmosphere, I began creating guerrilla sound pieces in reaction to increasing US militarism. These involved synchronized mobile broadcasts on foot and bicycle to encompass whole neighborhoods, sonically ‘bringing the war home.’

In 2006, I began to secure grants from local/regional agencies to produce large-scale work. In 2007, I received a travel grant from the Belgrade Ministry of Culture to exhibit at the Belef International Arts Festival. My work as long-time engineer/designer for Degenerate Art Ensemble led to a fruitful group exhibition at the Frye Art Museum in 2011.

Numerous public and museum commissions pepper these years, and I just completed two major pieces, Under Pier Pressure, an 8-channel environmental sound installation beneath a public pier/superfund site, as well as Sun Never Rusts, an installation at Seattle’s Gas Works Park which uses solar power and kinetic devices to recreate the soundscape of what these ruins may have been like when they were in use.