I am a sound artist and engineer, living in Seattle. My artistic work consists of electronics and kinetic elements handmade from repurposed materials. When activated, they broadcast small bits of elaborate compositions. These ‘sculptures’ constantly shift direction, acoustically activating a space to seem suddenly alive, as if another geography or dimension is leaking through.

Hearing is a highly developed sense that we are born with hardwired, tuned by thousands of years of evolutionary success. However, with the proliferation of MP3s and cheap earphones, people are managing to ruin both their hearing and listening enjoyment along with it. My goal is to help people open up their ears by engaging them with innovative and visual ‘sound sculptures’. I hope for them to rediscover the joy of deeper listening at the same time they are exploring the convergence of artifice, acoustics, architecture and place that I work with.

Originally from Oklahoma, Robb Kunz was heavily influenced by powerful tornado and air raid sirens, which sounded on a weekly basis. Upon moving to Seattle, following the 1999 WTO protests, he became a central member of the Infernal Noise Brigade until its demise. He is also a member of Degenerate Art Ensemble and founded the Berlin-based group, Alcalica. For a living, he teaches, engineers and produces recordings and also creates handmade affordable stereo systems and museum exhibits out of repurposed and surplus materials.